Life can be very busy when you juggle work, family, friends, faith, health and social commitment together.

Using the wheel of life (a wheel that shows different aspects of life) to view your balance, you will notice that some areas of your life are lacking while some areas are highly engaged.


Image sourced from State of happiness talked about understanding what balance means. Different people have different meaning for balance, hence, we cannot give an absolute concept of what a balanced life can be for you.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Sit down and point out all the activities you’re involved in. You will be amazed by the many unproductive things you are involved in. when you can write them out, it will be easy for you to de-clutter.

2. Categorize them into different values. Based on all that you are actively engaged in, do they represent who you are and who you are becoming? Can you articulate the areas of your life that they are adding up to? Categorize them into values like growth, influence, leadership, diligence and other kinds of values that define you. You can also arrange them according to the categories of life like health, spiritual, finance, family and relationships, emotional health, fun and recreation etc. to make it easier for you to relate with.

3. Create a time table on how you want to be engaged in all, what you want to start or stop doing and the areas that you need to learn about. You can use your calendar and reminders to track your progress and increase self-discipline. Track your work life balance progress at the end of every week.

4. Delegate every busy activity that you’re not so good at. There are people that can help you to clean up the house, handle your techy needs and also take care of some areas you need help with. There are virtual assistants online and nannies that can come to your rescue.

5. Ask your family and friends for feedback on how to do better or where to work on too. You may be blind to some areas of your life that needs improvement or change, it is okay to talk to friends and families to identify these areas and point you towards better solutions.

6. Pray for strength and don’t be too hard on yourself. You may not be able to do all that you have proposed to do but keep at it. Spend time with yourself, with your family, with your mentors, with God, with work and other important parts of your life. Get rid of the fear that it is impossible to achieve it.

At the end of the year, do a review on how it all went.

You don’t have to be perfect yet but an intentional living and evaluating will help you achieve the necessary goals.

Which area of your life do you need to get better at?

Be unstoppable!

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