Proven Ways To Overcome The Fear Of Public Speaking

One of the ways to ignite the feeling of nervousness in some persons is to invite them to the podium and have them address the audience. The whole idea of public speaking scares the living daylight out of some people.

However, here is the striking thing about being in the cooperate world; you will eventually have to do a bit of public speaking, either on a large scale or on a small scale. Pitching your idea, selling a product, sharing an opinion, making a contribution and more requires skills in public speaking unless you want to be stuck behind tables for the better part of your career.

Nonetheless, there is good news. You can overcome this challenge. All you have to do is to consciously and consistently apply these proven steps below:


  1. Prepare: Do not climb on a podium without a clear knowledge of whatever it is you intend to speak on. You will be more confident when you are well prepared.


  1. Remember the key points: It is easy to have the key points in mind, that way you can easily expand on them when speaking. Rather than memorizing the whole speech and having to forget some words and throw yourself in utter confusion when speaking.


  1. Do not stress yourself: Reduce the amount of stress you will put yourself through before the speech happens. Your nervous system needs to be relaxed to help boost your confidence.


  1. Focus on someone you know: Looking at a person you know and connect with will give you the needed confidence to continue. Locking eyes with them will reassure you that you will not fall flat on your face.


  1. Engage the audience: Ask questions, make jokes, and laugh. It will help lighten your tension if you are having a conversation rather than just talking to them.


Keep a conversation with them just as much as you can.

Public speaking is not as hard as we make it out to be, you can do it.

Go ahead and get started!

Be unstoppable!



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