Uplift Your Conversations



 by Mofoluwaso Ilevbare

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The moment I decided to write this book, it seemed I just kept bumping into people every day and having conversations around the different rooms in our lives. I discovered through these conversations that there are many rooms in our lives that require an up-levelling if we truly want to Live. Love. And Make a Difference. For now, I am narrowing down to the four most popular rooms of life I found common with all the people I talked with and these rooms are the bedroom, family room, the board room and the ball room. With this short read, I’d like to take you on a journey and hopefully challenge you to enrich your life by enriching your conversations. Special thanks to my clients who invited me to a business lunch with working parents. What I shared that afternoon triggered this book. I hope you find some lasting nuggets in this special gift back to you. Take what’s relevant. Discard what’s not. Whatever you do, do one thing! Uplift Your Conversations where it matters the most.


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