Stop Wishing, Start Doing



 by Mofoluwaso Ilevbare

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You listened to that inspiring TD Jakes sermon, attended a Tony Robbins conference, spent many hours taking online classes and signing up for webinars. Deep down you agree with everything you’ve heard and learnt. You’re all fired up. You really want to do something. Whether it’s to set up a business, change job, re-invent yourself, travel the world, or fulfil the dream you had since you graduated from college. Often what follows is a story along the lines of “I don’t know how to start” or “I don’t know if the idea will sell” or “I don’t have the money” or “I’m not an expert so I’m not qualified” or “I don’t know if it will work” or just “I’ll start someday”. Do you currently undervalue your genius? In reality, it is the stories we tell ourselves that limit us and keep us stuck. This book changes the narrative for you. If you will do all that this book teaches, you will transcend from being a wishful thinker to becoming a ruthless doer. Let’s get started!



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