Our relationships are constantly at risk of being ruined because of the things we do or fail to do. There are quite a number of things to do to keep our relationship strong and away from damage, but there is not much information out there on the things we do that can destroy those relationships.

Here, I have listed a few things that can ruin our relationships, not only that, I also shared some tips on how to handle those pitfalls. They include:

  1.  Withholding hurt: When you have been hurt by your partner, it is usually in your best interest and that of your partner to talk about it. Most of us would rather hold it in and decide not to talk about it, thus denying our partners the chance of apologizing and learning not to repeat them. So we keep stockpiling them until we accumulate just too much hurt for us to handle; at such times, we lash out at our partners and say more hurtful things that could endanger the relationship. Next time you feel hurt by your partner, choose a time when you can share how their actions affected you, be careful with what you say, seek for ways to resolve it, and after that, let it go.
  2.   Taking your partner for granted: Often times we take our partner for granted, whether consciously or unconsciously; this is not a good thing to do. It is understandable that you are laden by work, family, your finances, but they are not enough reasons to treat your partners as if they do not exist. Humans are social beings, and we thrive by constant connection and communication.
  3.  Constantly criticizing our partners: When we become overly critical of them and their actions, we make them feel small and insignificant. Trust me, no human being likes to be treated in a way that undermines their self-esteem, and surely this is one reason why many people have walked out of relationships that made them feel undervalued.
  4.  Putting yourself first: A relationship is simply the coming together or connection of two or more people; so that means that there is no room for self-centeredness and acting uninterested in the well-being of your partner. Be careful to look into the affairs of your partner, not only yours. Do not just focus on your needs and desires, forgetting the needs of the other person.

A relationship involves two people, vows, trust, and sacrifice. In the end, it all boils down to doing what is right in order to maintain a long-lasting relationship.

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