Why Join Us?

Men and women in their 40s are made to feel like the highlight of that decade is a crisis of their identity, but people in their 40s are well-equipped with the experience of hindsight to pursue rich lives in the direction of their purpose. When lived purposefully, the 40s can be an enriching and fulfilling time of life⎯a time to rediscover latent dreams, hopes, and potentials and be all you want to be.

To this end the Flourishing Forties movement has been designed to provide support and inspiration for people in their 40s who want to live their lives to the fullest and make a lasting difference. Through provision of knowledge, tools, and access to support resources, the Flourishing Forties is a platform where those in their 40s will come to find the expression they need to rise to their full potential and add value to others. 

Flourishing Forty is a pan-African initiative that mobilizes, educates, sensitizes, inspires, and empowers men and women in Africa who are in their 40s: corporate executives, business owners, social workers, politicians, or career professionals desirous to flourish in every area of their lives⎯business, career, love, finance, health, relationship, legacy and so on. It will help these men and women live their best lives by providing tools that’ll help them take advantage of life’s opportunities while tapping into the joys of the 40s. 

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