Kawamura Cultural Foundation seeking Applications for Socially Engaged Art Support Grant

The Kawamura Cultural Foundation is seeking applications for “2020 Socially Engaged Art Support Grant Program” to support Socially Engaged Art projects that will take place in Japan and commit to the community and society; implement activities together with communities and residents, and aim to build and demonstrate models of a better society. The program would further enhance in-depth relationships between art culture and the society and will contribute to cultivating higher cultural developments in Japan. The foundation seeks, through cultural arts, to develop the infrastructure and create an environment that will nurture people’s creativity and expressive power, to create a spiritually rich society that can accept emotional connections, mutual understanding and respect, and diversity, with the aim of supporting the activities of the most talented young cultural artists, to pass on and develop the culture arts that have been cultivated thus far, and to promote the imagination of new and original cultural art.


Funding Information


 Grant Amount: Maximum of 4.5 million JPY (Grant will be paid in divided terms)

 Grant Period: From April 1st 2020 through March 31th 2021

 Number of grantee: 1 to multiple projects


Eligibility Criteria


Applications made by individuals and organizations fulfilling below would be acknowledged legitimate:

 All age ranges, all nationalities

 Artists or organizations who work within the context of contemporary art Project Requirements

 Projects applying strikingly new methods or ways of expression

 Socially Engaged Art projects that would be newly implemented in Japan

 Projects that would become a catalyst towards social changes

 Projects aiming to build and demonstrate models of a better society

 Projects with artists taking initiatives as its leader

 Dialogue based projects which focus on building continuous partner relationships with communities

 Projects which include a collaborative production process with participants


How to Apply Applicants can download the application form via given website. For more information, please visit http://www.kacf.jp/guideline.html?lang=en



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