One of our biggest challenges at work is how to boost productivity, so as to be able to achieve the best results from the responsibilities. One way to help boost productivity is the use of technology, and might I add, the right use of technology.

Here are a few ways technology can help boost productivity:

1.  Use a time tracking application: Toggl is a good one for starters. All you have to is input your daily tasks, and update each of the time spent on each of the tasks. Then at the end of the day, go through the report to see just how much time you spent on a task. See if the time spent on each of these tasks commiserate with the output so far.

2.  Take advantage of group accountability: A platform like Trello requires you to update your work progress so that the rest of the group members can see, ensuring that you are not found wanting in carrying out your responsibility. It also instills on you the discipline to finish your tasks right on time, and not leave anyone behind, because your superiors and team members are monitoring your team progress.

3.  Have group conversations: You need to be in constant communication with your colleagues for the sole purpose of sharing work-related information. You can either create a Whatsapp group chat or make use of the slack medium. That way, when you need to pass a piece of information, it gets to everyone right on time with no hassles involved, and more so, it can help to strengthen teamwork.

You see, technology can be implemented in almost every aspect of our lives and business function. It is therefore imperative that we use these technological tools effectively, in order to do our work efficiently.

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