Having a huge fan base on social media is great, but that doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t making any MONEY.

Are you struggling with converting your followers into customers?

Having a hard time getting clients from social media?

The fact is that clients need to be able to gain trust from you and many won’t purchase the first time they’re introduced to your business. It takes time to build that trust and once introduced to your brand you can implement effective strategies that will increase their trust and familiarity around your brand.

These easy steps can help you not to only attract the right client but to also introduce your brand and gain trust and lastly convert them into paying customers.

1. Increase your productivity

Your social networking moves have to be systematic to increase productivity. As a marketer, if you only post content randomly and not consistently; the result would be relatively low or no conversions.

If your aim is to convert followers into customers, focus on increasing your productivity. Dedicate few minutes daily for social media marketing. To get your brand noticed, you have to expose people to your updates on a regular basis. Make your followers get used to seeing you on social networks. If posting too many updates on multiple social media networks seems an ordeal, use an automated social marketing and scheduling tool like Planoly or simply outsource to a social media manager.

2. Analyze your content.

You think you are posting great content, inspite of which you fail to attract customers. Here are a few questions for you to answer.

Which of your social networks sends the highest leads?

Which are your best posts?

What are the best times for posting updates?

What are your follower demographics (age and location)?

If you don’t have an answer to the above queries, you have to probe deeply into them. To find out why your posts fail to deliver, track them, and analyze the results. These analytics do not just represent numbers; they are high-powered guides that help you strengthen your social media plan of action. The results of the analytics could be surprising as well as interesting. Use the performance metrics to channelize your marketing efforts correctly and attract (target) customers to your page or website for conversions.

3. Entice your followers.

Create stories, give offers and provide valuable and relatable experience.

The first rule of influencing someone is “not to try too hard”.

You have to persuade your audience to turn into loyal customers; although by not directly asking them to do so. Create stories on social media and make them buy an experience to remember and cherish.

4. Set your goals and plan your campaigns well.

Brands can explore new functionalities and come up with brand campaigns that are goal-driven. There can be two approaches. Your ultimate aim is sales, but you could experiment with focusing more on brand awareness and give sales a second lead. Or else you could take the conventional approach of concentrating on growing your sales. Both the approaches are fine. You should then measure the outcome of both strategies, like how much traffic does the marketing campaign drive back to your website.

Set your goals, design your social media marketing strategy, choose your key social networks and start working on them.

5. Be loyal to your fans.

We expect loyal fans and followers to convert to loyal customers. But that does not always happen.

Have you ever pondered why?

That’s because, as a brand, we too have some loyalties to display towards customers. Always fulfill your promises, whether it is introducing a new product on a certain date, offers, coupons and other benefits. Your consistency and concern will make them believe in you. In case you are unable to post for a few days, write a message like – ‘Going on a vacation, won’t be posting for a few days, will miss you all’. This is another way of showing that you value their precious time.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t have a hard time converting your fans into your high paying customers again once you can up your productivity game, tailor your content to suit your audience, entice then with offers and freebies, plan your campaigns and make them feel important.

What will you start doing differently with your fans?

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