How To Communicate Your Values In A Toxic Workplace

It is much easier to communicate your values to your friends than it is to communicate the same values to different people from different backgrounds, working collectively to achieve the goal and objectives of the company. Due to this diversity, it is very much possible to work with others whose value systems, and perspective about the workplace are totally different from yours, and at many times, there would be a conflict of interests going on around you.

In trying to communicate your values or challenge the status quo, you are bound to offend a few people who are hell-bent on doing things the way they like, without any respect for personal privacy, ethics, as well as office policies.

Here are three ways on how to stand tall, and enforce your values in the workplace:

1.  Be accountable: Authors Roger Connors and Tom Smith in their book, Getting Results Through Individual And Organizational Accountability” affirm that “taking personal accountability means making a personal choice to rise above one’s circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results; to see it, own it, solve it and do it.” Accountability is something you choose to exhibit – it is not assigned to you. So when other colleagues are breaking office rules, creating problems, and engaging in office disputes, you must dare to be different. Don’t become part of the problem. Do what is right!

2.  Learn to say ‘NO’: Imagine that you are the project lead managing a project and responsibilities have been shared to all team members. On one occasion, your team member, who is equally a friend of yours, brings to you several quotations for office supply. Looking at it, you can attest that it is quite exorbitant and impracticable for your company to purchase. On the other hand, this colleague shares with you how much benefit you would both be making from the deal. So what would you do? Whenever you are faced with a situation at work that conflicts with your values as an individual or even that of the company, kindly say NO.

3.  Stand by your words: Integrity and honesty are two traits that are sadly missing in many workplaces. You must make these virtues a key part of your lifestyle and everyday communication at the office. Never be caught switching sides at random. Be objective. Let your conversations be such that if you are set before a panel, you’d say the exact thing and more than half of your colleagues can be able to vouch for you. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Let your intentions, words, and actions match.

You were not made to fit in, STAND OUT

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