Gaining Clarity When You Are Stuck In Career – Augustina Adika

Many a time, we get stuck when it comes to discovering the career path to follow. And it does not matter how many career discovery programs and seminars you subject yourself to, you might not be able to gain the clarity you truly seek.

The problem with not gaining clarity is that when you finally end up in a place and it is not the right one, you will be stuck with in a place where you feel unsatisfied and empty. And this is the worst thing that can happen to any man; being stuck in a place where you are dissatisfied and empty. It can have a negative effect on other areas of your life.

Here are three ways to gain clarity when stuck in your career.

  1. Realize that you’re stuck: It is one thing to be stuck and it’s another to understand that you’re stuck to seek clarity. Having come to this realization, do this.


  1. Figure out what you want: This is another step to gaining clarity. It might be hard, but you are going to have to push yourself and beyond the limits, you are used to. Try out different things if you can and put in your possible best to figure out what you want. You will get hurt in the process, but you also have to be honest with yourself. It would not be easy at all, but you will get there.

The steps below will help you to recognize what you want:

  • Write whatever comes to mind.
  • Review what you’ve written.
  • Weigh your options
  • Take the next right move
  1. Align your wants and actions with your goals: challenges may arise when you do things or give in to the urge to do things that do not agree with your final goal. Take your action with the end in mind. Anything thing aside this may jeopardize the plan you already have in mind, and throw you into utter confusion. And confusion is not exactly needed when you are trying to gain clarity.

So, be intentional and ensure your wants, actions and movements go pari-passu with your goals.


When you are clear on this, follow through till you find satisfaction.


Be unstoppable!


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