Your voice is a part of your identity. Your voice represents your core values and it is a representation of what you stand for. It is a tool for expressing your beliefs and opinions. It gives you the opportunity to reach out and be heard. In a world filled with distractions and noise, where people are scared of speaking out for fear of criticism and mockery, finding your voice may seem like an impossible task. It takes courage to defy all odds and let your voice be heard.
Looking for ways to find your voice and express it? These guides will help you with easy steps on how to get it done:
Embrace Your Uniqueness: Accept that you are unique and that you have a voice worth sharing. This may not go well with the crowd around you that flows with whatever is trending. Don’t give in to the saying that, ‘If you can’t beat them, you join them’. You were born to make a difference. Know this and let it sink it. Maintain your stand when the rest of the world tries to make you settle for less.
Discover Your Passion: Discovering your passion will give you the much-needed motivation to lend out your voice. Just like everyone, there is a voice inside of you, but you need to know what drives you. To discover purpose, you must ask yourself, “What is that thing that I am intent on speaking about? Whatever it is, let your voice that point in the direction of your passion. Your passion is the message behind your voice, discover it! Listen to that voice and explore the possibilities. It is the beginning of greater things to come.
Find People With Unique Voices And Learn From Them: The path of greatness can be a bit lonely at times. Identify people with unique voices and draw strength from them. This will give you the inspiration and strength to carry on when you feel discouraged. Find people who also believe in you and support your passion; they will constantly remind of your greatest strengths and cheer you up when you are down.
Use Your Voice: Silence is one of the ways to quench your voice and you do not want that to happen. Do not be intimidated by the noise around you. Listen to your heart and give your voice the power it needs. Believe in yourself and courageously start! Using your voice will also inspire others to use theirs and that is leadership.

Let me leave you with the timeless words of Austin Kleon: “The best way to find your voice is to use it.”

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