When we see people looking all perfect and well put together, there is a tendency to assume that all is going on well for them, maybe because they seem to have a perfect joy, family, and everything. One thing we sometimes don’t give a thought to is: these individuals may have issues in their lives that make them uncomfortable.
Same way when we step out of our homes, waving a hand to the girl living next door or hanging out with our colleagues after work, we just may never know what they assume about us. Some think our lives are as perfect as we portray them to be, not knowing that we too are fighting our battles.
In the midst of this, one thing that we need in this life too is peace.
Not just any kind of peace, but the kind of peace that was promised by God, the kind of peace that supersedes all human understanding, the kind of peace that kept Jesus asleep in the middle of the great storm.
When you do not have this peace, you find yourself constantly panicking, fighting within yourself, and beclouded with self-diminishing thoughts. This is not what was promised you.
Life is already at war with you, so you do not need to be at war with yourself too. Actually, to successfully wage war against the adversaries of life, you need to be at peace with yourself. Baruch Spinoza said, “Peace is not an absence of war but a virtue based on strength of character”.

Learn To Forgive Yourself: Yes, you may have failed a couple of times, you may have made a few mistakes but that is what they are⎯mistakes. Your mistakes do not define you. If you maintain a positive outlook, you will be able to convert your mistakes to lessons that can lead to victory.

Believe In Yourself: Oftentimes, we set a limit on ourselves by giving in to self-sabotaging thoughts. Whilst we cannot stop them from infiltrating our minds, we have what it takes to never let them become our reality. You are only as good as the content of your mind. Believe in yourself. Guard your mind daily.

Let God In: If you believe in God, then you have no need to fear. He knows, He understands, and He feels just what you feel. When you get so overwhelmed by life, turn to Him. He has all the answers and He would come to you at the time you least expected.

Let It Go: While growing up, we usually heard that, ‘there is nothing constant in life, only change’. This is true. However, there are certain things that cannot change, like the colour of your skin, your parents, or how you were raised. So, if your cause of distress emanates from the things that you cannot change, then you may have to let it go. Whenever you feel threatened by any difficult discussion, let the prayer of serenity guide you. It says, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change, and the wisdom to know the difference’

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