As you progress into your 40s, you may have worked all your life or ran a business. Regardless of which you did, let’s talk about an important issue.

Are you using your gifts and talents into building great business ideas?

If you’re in your 30s or 40s (or even 50s) and you believe conventional wisdom, you might think the entrepreneurial train has passed you by and it’s too late to start your own business. But it is never too late to start a business or pursue any hobby you love. With this fact, gave a statistics of different ages and how they thrive in business. Check it out after reading this awesome piece.

Some of the popular entrepreneurs have said the following:

* Business ideas alone are worth very little. If you want to start a business and become successful with it, you need to solve meaningful problems. Execution is everything in business.

* Becoming successful in business is more about your mentality, psychology and determination than it is about finding little tips, tricks, hacks and exploitation in the marketplace.

* Start today. The only true way to learn is by doing and you can’t afford to sit around waiting for funding, hoping someone else will come along to help you execute on your idea or complain that you don’t have the time. Making excuses won’t help you start a business and it sure as hell won’t help you create the lifestyle you want for yourself.

* Launch before you feel ready. If you wait until your product or service feels perfect, someone else will already be doing a better job of helping your customers solve their problems.

*Validate your business idea by launching fast, bringing on a small group of paying customers and adapting to make your solution great for them over time. Then you can validate your customers.

What business idea do you currently have and need help to push?

When starting your business, you need to be able to find out what you have and grow it.

In the story of the woman with a jar of oil in the Bible, she was in debt and felt she was not financially buoyant. Even though she had no cash resources, she had something she could convert into value.

What about you?

Been in your 40s doesn’t mean you cannot start a business again. It is even a good time to start because you have more experience and can be careful enough with it when you seek for help and mentoring.

Elijah was a mentor to her. You also might need a mentor to help you discover your oil and convert it well.

This may require that you read more books or find someone you can trust and invest in their resources or mentor-ship.

It is never too late to start a business. And the time to start is now. Start with what you have.

The following steps should help you as you begin:

  • What do you currently know how to do properly?
  • What gifts or talents have you discovered that you have?
  • What interest you more about life?
  • What can you do without getting paid for?
  • What experience have you gathered all these years that you can convert into a solution?
  • What do you currently see around you that you can solve?


When you figure out what you have or you can do, the next step is to decide where you want to start from and what you want to start with.

Flexjobs also talked about having a business plan and knowing yourself better so you can do what you are passionate about in your 40s.

You don’t need to have thousands or millions; you can just start by helping one person or find a small area you can begin with.

You can talk to people that are more knowledgeable than you and learn from them.

Read and research more in that same area to help you navigate properly.

What do you currently have? Let’s talk about how you can utilize it in the comment section.

Be Unstoppable!


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