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The Launch of the Flourishing Forties Network, a social enterprise where professionals and entrepreneurs in their FORTIES can forge new partnerships, thriving careers, and healthy lifestyles through networking that focuses on PRODUCTIVITY & WELLNESS.

We’re creating this platform to be the #1 online support centre for the 40s’ man and woman to help YOU live your best life.


  • we believe #40isthenew20 and we are all forty-something millennials.
  • we are not only thinking about retirement benefits, but we also want to die empty.
  • we are not thinking local, we offer solutions and services that are global-minded
  • we number our days so we can apply our hearts to wisdom. We put God first in all we do and His word is our standard operating procedure (SOP).
  • we see networking as an important platform for building partnerships and global relevance.
  • we are committed to serve our generation and intentionally develop the next generation through volunteer mentoring and coaching.
  • we show respect for one other, love, care, celebrate one another, and contribute to the growth of all in line with our mission.

Many more success 40s’ stories need to be showcased. Failures need to be shamelessly documented. More seed grants and hiring opportunities need to be made available to the 40s’ who dare to do businesses or change careers.

Many more global partnerships that outlive us needs to be built, all with a stronger mental and emotional bonds shared across borders.



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