These days, everyone seems to be chasing purpose in every corner hoping they can find it and wear it as a lifestyle.

Purpose cannot be found anywhere, it can only be revealed by your creator.

Some people find purpose in their pain, experiences, revelation or satisfaction gotten from doing something.

In this post, you will learn about 5 ways you can open up yourself to undergo a purposeful journey.

  1. Serve and volunteer

Serving helps you to try many things and find out what your heart beats for. Be willing to offer your help in every opportunity you find.

  1. Use your gifts

Find out what you love doing and start doing it. It may lead you towards other levels of awareness and discovery. In trying the different gifts and talents you have, it will increase your capacity as you grow.

  1. Travel and read more

Traveling is a form of education that helps you connect with new people and learn about new culture, beliefs, and perspectives. In meeting new minds, you open up yourself to try something new and engage with your mind.

  1. Show more interest in people

Become selfless in helping people when you meet them. Take interest in how people are firing and find out what moves you more or what solution you are always trying to give out. This can help you discover some things you never knew about yourself.

  1. Spend more time with God

Since God knew you before you were born, He is the one that can accurately tell you what He made you for, He had a purpose in mind but you need to pray, study the Word, ask questions, understand your journey, embrace your story and become discerning to what God is saying to you per time.

  1. Develop yourself and Read more

Reading takes you on a journey that leaves you liberated and aware. There are so many people who have gone through similar experiences in your life. Reading takes you into experiences of people thereby giving you more clarity.

  1. Meditate and embrace your journey

Silence is a great way to tap into your instinct and understand what you are called to do. Spend time alone to be serene and peaceful so that you can reflect and journal through it all.

What can you start doing differently?

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