Of all the places you need to stand out, the workplace is where you need to stand out the most; it is where your strengths, your emotional intelligence, and competence are brought to the fore and tested. If you plan to be extraordinary in the workplace, here are six easy ways to do so:

1.     Take advantage of your strengths: First of all, you have to know what your strengths are, and then take advantage of every opportunity given to show them. I am sure you know about the SWOT analysis- Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. Conduct one for yourself. You can also request that some of your colleagues and friends share with you what they think to be your strengths. As soon as you recognized them, get right to work on them, never miss an opportunity to provide solutions to challenges that may arise in the workplace.  Be proactive at your jobs and be the best that you can be

2.     Strike a pose of confidence: Do not walk around the office, shoulders slouched and head bent, avoiding to look anyone in the eye. This is the fastest way to recede into the background. Soon no one would remember you exist or even want to work with you because of the negative energy you bring to the table. Ever heard of the power pose? Walk smartly, with shoulders high, chin up, looking anyone who speaks to you in the eye. Have the ‘I am not afraid’ demeanor that exudes power and confidence.

3.     Go for the big game: Quit running away from ‘big’ projects. Actually, you should go all out for them. How would you even know what you are capable of, if you never tried your hands on those things that look so difficult to tackle?  Stop hanging onto the easy tasks and challenge yourself to do something more. If it ever gets confusing, seek guidance, ask for help but do not drop the ball. Go for the big game.

4.     Speak up: Let’s imagine that you are part of a roundtable meeting with your boss, questions are going round and while everyone speaks up to proffer a solution to the issue that has been raised, you have remained silent and uncommunicative. No! Speak Up! It is never in your best interest if you never contribute to official conversations. You may easily be seen as one who lacks the capacity to work in a team, and that is not a good one. If there is an idea you have, an observation you need to point out, or a piece of new information you need to pass across, please speak about it.

5.     Learn to listen: While you have an obligation to not swallow your opinions, you also have to learn how to listen to other people’s opinions. Even if you have got an earth-shattering idea, never look down on what the next team member has got to say.

6.     Be consistent: Your recognition will not happen in a day. Rome, as beautiful as it is, was not built in a day. You must be diligent and consistent, not in a way that is showy or a form of eye service but a deliberate step-by-step action to be a person of value for your company and even the society.

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