On March 15, 2016, Instagram changed their algorithm modality which affected social networking and visibility. They started showing posts based on how you engage with a brand rather than in chronological order. That means that your posts will only be shown to people who engage with your brand and not just with the overall feed. So if you have 1,000 followers and only 50 people engage with your brand, they are the ones that are likely to see every new post. The game has changed and it has become the survival of the fittest. With this in mind, you need to either get creative or you will be pushed away into the unnoticed crowd.

In this post, you will learn 5 unique ways on how to stay above this new algorithm limitation:

  1. POST CLEAR AND EYE CATCHING PHOTOS: Before you post any picture, evaluate it well. You can choose to use filters to make it pop. You can stick to a unique filter. To use this feature, when you want to post the picture, Instagram offers an opportunity to use colored filters. You will find it when you are about to post your pictures. You can find an image below that describes how to find it.

Your picture should have a clear background, design, and focus. Perception is key to your brand on Instagram.

  1. POST QUALITY, CREATIVE AND VALUABLE CONTENT: If you take time to investigate your content well, you will discover that people engage with certain posts than others. Find out what your audience likes and use it well. Post educational, inspiring, engaging and little promotional content. Research your content well, answer questions and create transformation with your content. As a business or brand, research your field well to know the problems and solutions of your audience so that people can jump on the education and solutions you provide. You should also find a unique voice and try not to be like everybody out there.

User-generated content (UGC), are reposted content from other users, is another popular form of storytelling.

One simple way to post using other people’s content is by searching for a unique photo that relates to your brand, and, either repost with permission or maintain the credit of the original post.

You can also post content that your followers will want to share and tag their friends too. If they know that you are constantly posting good content, they will always come back to read from you. You can also ask questions about what they want to see more of.

3. CONNECT AND ENGAGE WITH YOUR COMMUNITY: Learn how to respond to comments, engage with your followers and also appreciate every effort. Pay attention to those who engage most and celebrate or reward them. Take some time to respond to what other brands are doing-especially where you can find your ideal audience.

Your content should also resonate with the everyday life of your audience. Show the humane part of your brand and stay intentional.


You can’t afford to be seen once in a week or month. If you want to be on the mind of your followers, learn how to be consistent or hire someone that can manage the brand for you. Be Consistent with your brand image, color and voice too. Let them know how you engage so they can spot you anytime.


Using hashtags will help you to stay visible to those who like anything that relates to your brand. Research on the effective and visible hashtags to use and you can also change them regularly. You can save the hashtags in your notepad so that you can always copy and paste when necessary. If you are not sure of which hashtags to use, focus on words that describe your brand. For instance, if you are a book publishing company, use hashtags like #Bookcompany #Bookpublishing #Authors #Bookbranding and #Designcompany.

One of the reasons why you should use hashtags is that some people follow hashtags like they follow accounts so they have a tendency of stumbling on your post. People also search for products and services using hash tags.

Which of these will you start doing more often? Tell us in the comment section below.

Be unstoppable.


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