Do you start your week with an intention to crush some goals, experience some happy moments, and inspire someone else to greatness? If not, you should.

Every day you’ve been given to be alive should be spent joyfully and intentionally. To start and end your week with a feeling of satisfaction, here are 5 steps I propose:

  1. Envision A Worthy Outcome: At least the night before, plan your upcoming week. Picture how you, not your boss or your clients, want the week to end and then map out your agenda. Plan how to dream bigger, lead better, live happier, and make a difference to the world around you.
  2.  Decide What You Won’t Do: Be clear on your not-to-dos. Determine not to spend another day doing what you hate or just letting life pass you by. Draw up a counter-attack strategy for possible distractions that will most likely drain your energy and waste your time. This could be gadgets or even human beings.
  3.  Clarify What You Will Do: What matters most in your life right now? What’s your vision for your career or business? What are your big three steps to move closer to your vision? What projects will you work on? How will you take care of yourself? How much time will you give to loved ones? What will make this week a significant one? If you need a planner, I’ve got a great one for you right here
  4.  Identify Your Enablers: Who or what are the resources you need this week? How do you intend to grow this week? What will you simplify/delegate/eliminate? Do you need a mentor or a coach? Do you have enough information to execute your actions?
  5.  Put your best attitude on and launch out: Dress with a sense of purpose, act with a sense of purpose. Think. Grow. Influence. It’s going to be a great week. At the end of each week, don’t forget to take a few minutes to count your blessings and reflect on what went well, the lessons you learned, and what you will keep, stop, or start the following week.

Question: What’s your game plan this week to lead. love. and make a difference? Share your thoughts below.

I raise my glass to your best week ever,

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare GPHR. Author, Speaker. Life & Career Growth Coach.

My book, Uplift Your Productivity, 9 Strategies to Maximize Time and Optimize Life, is available on Amazon, and in Nigeria at Patabah Bookshop & BooksellersNG

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