Social media marketing is harder than it seems. To keep posting consistent, high-quality, and engaging content, you’ve got to have all kinds of personal skills, know your audience, and use the right tools. You’ll have to keep up with social media trends and improve your work all the time so as not to fall behind your competitors.

Not paying attention to these things can make you end up as a mediocre on social media and even distort your visibility in reaching your ideal audience.

In this post, we’ll look at the habits that entrepreneurs are mostly guilty of when it comes to social media marketing.

1. Not listening to your audience.

A common habit of mediocre on social media is that they just watch and reply to comments addressed to their brand directly and ignore all other conversations.

Your audience doesn’t only talk to your brand. It also talks about it. By not listening to these conversations, you miss most feedback (good and bad), questions, and complaints. You don’t know whether people are recommending your brand to their friends. You don’t know what features they wish for or why your target audience prefers your competitors. If you’re not listening to what your audience is saying about your brand, products, competitors, marketing campaigns, etc.. you’re heavily missing out.

What to do instead is to get a social media listening tool.

2. Ignoring (deleting) negative feedback

Another habit that is worth recalling in 2020, is ignoring or deleting negative feedback. Despite many years of talking about this mistake, many brands still are still guilty of this reaction to negative feedbacks.

Though it may be hard to read about how your product is not good, despite all your efforts. Users feedback can be unfair, disappointing, and plain rude atimes. However, by ignoring negative comments online, you’re showing your audience that you don’t care about their opinion. This turns potential customers that see everything that happens online away from you, and also puts the loyalty of the existing customers at risk.

Rather than ignoring, you can join the conversation about your brand and your product. Offer a solution that will satisfy the customer or explain why their needs can’t be met at that moment.

3. Being too promotional

Another bad social media habit that brands still make is being too self-centered on social media. In the sense that, they focus on advertising the product and not the solution.

This is not a good social media practice. At best, it’s a mediocre customer service. Social media marketing implies that you grow in social media followers, attract new customers, as well as help, support, and entertain existing customers.

The way out of this is to develop a unique brand’s personality.  Your content should give useful information about your product and it should attract your target audience while ideally getting them hooked to you.

4. Not using analytics

Social media marketing isn’t that easy to analyze. You have to measure vague concepts such as brand awareness and brand reputation. You have to also measure rather concrete concepts, such as follower growth and engagement rate. Besides, there are metrics that will remain unknown no matter how many analytics tools you use.

Due to numerous tracking complications, many social media managers skip analytics altogether. As a result, one of the biggest problems that marketers face is not knowing social media marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

You can overcome this by learning and mastering social media analytics tools.

5. Treating your brand’s social media profile as a personal one.

This is one of the poorest habit a brand can make on social media.

The problem is, social media seems familiar. Many people do it constantly, post whenever they feel like it and whatever seems interesting enough to post and they don’t track the result.

This approach is an unhealthy habitfor a number of reasons, and the most important one is that you’ll never know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong and, therefore, ending up invisible to your ideal audience.

The best way out of this is to decide on the goals. What are you trying to achieve by using social media for your brand? Is it for finding new customers? Raising brand awareness?

Build a strategy according to your goals, and see how social media can help you during each step of achieving those goals.

Are there any other bad social media habits you should stop?

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