Every company’s growth and profitability largely depend on the concerted efforts of team members. Consequently, a team is made up of individuals, employees and employers alike, coming together to achieve a common goal. As an individual, whether you prefer to work independently or in a team, it is imperative that you know you play a very significant role in contributing to the overall growth for your company, and for this reason, it is vital that you enhance your personal effectiveness in order to ensure maximum productivity for your company.


I am sure you know that popular saying, “You can’t give what you do not have”. We can only give from our current level of knowledge and abilities, and sadly, quite a number of individuals have become stagnant at this point.


Do you want to perform effectively and efficiently at work? Here are a few tips to help you make that transition from the typical team member to an extraordinary one:


1.     Define your priorities: Undefined priorities are steady time killers, especially when you seem to have so many things to do but cannot prioritize them in order of importance. This is one reason why many individuals do not meet up with deadlines or make major errors in their work due to pressure to meet up with specified projects. You must take the necessary steps to declutter your mind, plan your daily activities, move away from distractions and office chatter, and focus on the task at hand, one at a time.


2.     Control your environment: Just as it is in every workplace, there will always be that team member who brings up a conversation when there is work to be done. At other times, it could be the incessant calls or Whatsapp messages from family and friends. Whatever it is for you, control it. Do not spend the day chattering away, visiting sites that are not related to the task at hand. Your ability to manage your time is an important factor for your personal development. Let your colleagues know when you are serious to get work done, besides, you can catch up with them during lunchtime. Be very present in the workplace and ensure you carry out your responsibilities in a professional manner.


3.     Be proactive: Proactive individuals are forward thinkers. There are usually optimistic and make plans for the future. Do not always wait for the next instruction from your boss or line supervisor. Do not shy away from any challenge thrown at you for fear of not being able to handle it. You can actively prepare yourself for the next challenge, even if you don’t know what it could be. On your own, sharpen your tech and soft skills, study the trends within your industry, and engage with forward-thinking peers, even if they are not your colleagues at work. You can also identify and observe leaders in your company, learn how they make decisions and how they think. And as you learn, please share; do not wait to be asked – present that innovative ideas to your management and the rest team.


Sure you remember this quote by John F Kennedy, only this time, I would replace country with company. It says, “ask not what your company can do for you, ask what you can do for your company.”


All the best to you.


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