Stress borne out of more responsibilities is one of the things that accompany progress in life. As you climb higher in life, there is more work to do in your business, career, and family but it is still very necessary to manage your growth and opportunities.

We have compiled 11 simple but effective ways to keep looking younger and enjoy your life

  1. Reduce your sodium intake: This comes from the usual patronage of fast foods and carbonated drinks. The effect can be downside later so it is better to pay attention to what and how you eat now. Try and stick to the recommended daily amount of 2,300 mg—or 1 teaspoon—to keep your skin healthy and youthful.


2. Declutter your wardrobe

There is something great about being able to look younger like taking out old, unflattering clothes and replacing them with new items that are comfortable, classy and trendy. Start with the basic pieces you wear every day—like jeans, jackets, and shoes—then start swapping out other basics, like shirts. Pretty soon you’ll have a closet full of new options that will make you look 10 years younger.

  1. Laugh often

Sometimes, watching a comedy clip daily can boost your energy level. There are so many comedy videos online now, take time to watch or go for events that creates such atmosphere.

  1. Stay fit

This can happen from creating short exercises you can do at home daily or visiting the gym often. You can also invest more time in new hobbies like swimming, playing football, dancing, playing lawn tennis and other sports you may like.

  1. Change your look

A different look is not a bad idea. You can change your hair look or add a colorful touch. Anything nice that catches the attention of people is a good way to start.

  1. Visit the Spa regularly

It is time to invest in having more body massages if you are not doing that often already. You need to tone down the stress and give your body a treat.

  1. Give your skin a good treatment

As you grow, you need to reduce the chemical usage on your body and start embracing organic product. You can visit a skincare expert to make a specialized skin routine and cream for you to improve your looks.

  1. Sleep more

Sleeping helps to freshen your body and keep you stronger than ever. Work should not be every moment. Sleep well and take care of yourself.

  1. Worry less

Worry never solves any problem, it only increases it. Share your burdens with the right people if you need to but avoid thinking about situations until it affects your health. Your heart condition matters.

  1. Drink more water

Water is life and it rejuvenates your skin, body, and organs. Set reminders to drink water because it can flush out unnecessary toxins from your body.

11. Network

Being in the midst of other people in their forties makes the journey easy to navigate. That is why we created our Telegram group where we learn together, meet up and inspire ourselves/ you can join and invite your friends to the group too. Join here: FF TELEGRAM GROUP


Which of these do you need to start doing more of?


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